Working with a Research Partner

The partnership between the researcher and prosecutor's office is vital to the development and implementation of a successful, evidence-based or data-driven strategy, to identify and solve a local crime problem. A research partner can provide valuable assistance to a jurisdiction for development of a strategic and targeted intervention. The researcher partner conducts program monitoring, collects data and evaluates the program's impact.

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BJA's Center for Research Partnerships and Program Evaluation

BJA’s "Smart Suite" of programs re-examines every aspect of the criminal justice system to identify what is working in the field to reduce crime and recidivism and make our communities safer. 

Working Together: Lessons for Prosecutors and Researchers from Four Smart Prosecution Sites

Readers will learn about successful prosecutor researcher collaborations and get tips to improve the working relationships of prosecutors and researchers.

Identifying and Working With a Research Partner

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Fifth Smart Suite Researcher Practitioner Fellows Academy of the Michigan State University (MSU) School of Criminal Justice 

July 25, 2017

Smart Prosecution and the Role of the Research Partner

Professor Edmund McGarrell, PhD, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University presented this program on September 18, 2015

Suggested Final Evaluation Report Outline for Smart Prosecution Initatives

Association of Prosecuting Attorney's May 2017